What algorithm is used in Blade?
Can you make money using the blade?
Can I use it without quantitative analysis and programming skill?
What are the leading points of the blade?
What is the position of blade compared with similar products ?
How to buy blade ?
What platforms can blade's strategies run on ?
What services can I get after buying the blade ?
The blade adopts machine learning algorithm, which is mainly a genetic programming algorithm based on GPU optimization performance. It belongs to one of genetic algorithms and is unsupervised learning.
We are just tool platform providers and do not make any promises to make profits. However, after purchasing the blade system, we provides dozens of proven best practice templates for futures, stocks and forex, which can greatly accelerate the speed of users looking for strategies. It is basically not a problem to follow the template.

No problem at all! Blade is a fool's platform. Data analysis and programming ability are not necessary. Users can generate strategies with one click. Users who do not understand data analysis and programming can use the strategies generated by it to trade futures, stocks, foreign exchange, virtual currency and so on.
Blade has many leading technologies, including GPU performance acceleration, distributed architecture and unlimited data scale. In addition to traditional strategy types, it has also created many new strategy types.

Blade is much more advanced than similar software. These products either have poor performance or use older optimization technology to limit the data scale. These products only support single variety timing, do not support portfolio, and the strategy types are far less than the blade.
Please read page of "Quant Product->How to buy" and contact to us.

The latest version 2.7 supports 100% translation of the strategy into multicharts, TradeStation, MT4, MT5, and Goldminer(Chinese vendor) programs to compile and run on the corresponding platform, without any programming. In general, multicharts / TradeStation can be used for futures, stocks, options and cryptocurrencies; MT4 and MT5 can do forex, spot, CDF, futures, etc; Goldminer can be used for Chinese futures and stocks.

The services provided during the use period include: 1. Product use training and technical questions during use 2. Product bug repair and product update 3. Strategy making consultation 4. Problems in data processing. If it is not complicated, some programming will be provided for free 5. The product is customized, and whether it is charged depends on the situation. If it is not complicated, it is free

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