FunctionsGeneral VersionAdvance Version
Data Downloadsupportsupport
Data Processsupportsupport
Data Process:Max Rows100000
Data Process:Max Columns1000
Strategy Make:Single Typesupportsupport
Strategy Make:Capital Managementsupportsupport
Strategy Make:Mixsupportsupport
Strategy Make:PortfolioNot supportsupport
Strategy Translatesupportsupport
Strategy Evaluatesupportsupport
Support GPUs12
Service:Ugrade , PatchYesYes
Service:Online TrainingYesYes
Service:Free Strategy Consulting ServiceNoYes
List Price(US Dollar):$22900/year$45800/year


1. The default authorized number of GPUs refers to the number of GPUs available for authorization, that is, even if the hardware has many GPU graphics cards, the software will only use the authorized number of graphics cards for calculation and ignore the rest of GPU graphics cards.

2. Add GPU graphics card authorization on the basis of advanced version. For each additional GPU graphics card, add $8000/year.

3. If you have any purchase demand, please contact us for details.

4. Software Aggrement: "Blade Quantitative Strategy Platform Software License Agreement"

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Product list price:
Purchase process:
Hardware configuration suggestion:
Configuration Table

Desktop / ServerCloud
General Version(1 GPU)

CPU: Intel i9

Memory: >=64GB


SSD: >=500GB

SSD: >=2TB

AWS: g5.4xlarge Worksation customize with 1 GPU (3080/3090...)

Advance Version(2 GPU)

CPU: 2 * Xeon 12 core

Memory: >=128GB

GPU: 2 * NVIDIA RTX 3090 24G

SSD: >=500GB

SSD: >=2TB Workstation customize with 2 GPU (3080/3090...)
Advance+ Version(>2 GPU)

CPU: >=2 * Xeon 12 core

Memory: >=256GB

GPU: n * NVIDIA RTX 3090

SSD: >=1TB

SSD: >=4TB

AWS: p3.8xlarge; p3.8xlarge; p4d.24xlarg; g5.12xlarge; g5.24xlarge Server with customize


1.Users can choose to purchase and maintain their own hardware or purchase cloud services.

2.User must purchase hardware or cloud services by themselves, but we will give some adivce.

7x24 Support
Global 7*24 support
Consulting Service
Free after sale consulting service
3 Days Training
Help users get familiar with the software as soon as possible, provide best practice cases, and make users profitable as soon as possible
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