Blade quantification strategy system 2.9
   The Blade Quantitative System was developed in 2013 and has gone through several important stages, gradually optimizing from early CPU-based machine learning algorithms to GPU-based machine learning algorithms, with a performance improvement of 100+ times reaching the industry-leading level; from early only supporting a few types of single-variety timing strategies, to now supporting dozens of types of strategies and multi-variety combinations, completely surpassing foreign similar software.
   The difference between Blade and other quantitative solutions is that first of all it is a pure strategy making platform, only focusing on high-value quantitative strategy making, and relying on mature interfaces and quantitative platforms at home and abroad for operation. Secondly, it does not require users to understand data analysis and programming at all. All types of strategies are one-click generated and automatically translated. Users only need to do some simple settings. The production process is handed over to Blade, which can generate personalized private strategies. Finally, Blade believes that good artificial intelligence strategies need strong computing power support. Blade is completely based on a powerful GPU computing platform, truly achieving efficiency and intelligence.
   On the road to wealth, let Blade cut through thorns for you!!!
Technology Advantages
Ultimate performance and scalability
Distributed architecture, GPU, performance optimization
Rich Strategy types
Support most commonly used strategy types on the market, plus some original strategies, there is always one for you!
Easy to use
No analysis, no programming, one click generation strategy, easy to buy with money
Blade is a one-stop quantitative strategy system completely designed for real offer. It is equivalent to a quantitative team. It has achieved many good results in practice.
Blade 2.9
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