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Globally, with the renewal of ideas and the development of technology, the scale of quantitative transactions has exploded exponentially. By 2021, the scale of quantitative transactions has exceeded 1 trillion. On the one hand, major financial, insurance and fund companies have set up teams to get involved in the field of quantitative investment, but on the other hand, some small and medium-sized fund companies are unable to enter the field due to the high threshold of quantitative technology, but they also hope to have the opportunity to participate and transform. Therefore, they urgently need a full range of technical supporting services for quantitative investment. The company is committed to the development of quantitative trading technology software, using the latest machine learning and in-depth learning technology, focusing on the research and development of top-level strategy generation software, which greatly improves the efficiency of users using data to find rules, and truly realizes the dream of one click generation strategy.
Our Advantage
In order to make it easier for customers to obtain quantitative investment technical services, Hongjin information integrates products and industry solutions into our blade strategy generation platform, and wholeheartedly provides customers with services that can achieve real profitability.

Easy to use, unlimit data scale
The complex data processing and strategy search generation process are concentrated in blade. Users can fully master the strategy with one click after one day's training. The software has no limit on the number of data rows and columns. Users can input all the information they find to try to find rules.
Extreme high speed
The software adopts a distributed architecture, and the core algorithm uses GPU graphics card to accelerate the optimization. The performance is improved by 100 + times, and thousands of strategies can be optimized in a short time.
Rich online trading platform support and customization capability
It can  be translated into EasyLanguage/PowerLanguage runing on Multicharts/TradeStation platform. It can also translate mq4,mq5 and runing on MT4/MT5 trading platform. With strong customization ability, users can translate the strategy into the program of the required online operation platform according to the instructions.
Rich strategy types and support a wide range of transaction varieties
It includes 58 types of strategies, such as shock type, trend type, mixed type, combination type, etc., and 24 kinds of performance objectives: yield, profit factor, sharp ratio, etc. Support a wide range of trading targets such as stocks, futures, commodity futures, bonds, funds, foreign exchange and virtual currencies at home and abroad.
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